Who Do I Coach?

People Who Feel Stuck

I coach people who feel personally or professionally stuck and want support in moving towards greater fulfillment.

Many of my clients seek enhanced career satisfaction, whether establishing their careers or making changes at any stage of life. 

Clients focused on their professional lives often show up for coaching because they don’t feel fulfilled at work, know their career direction, or they struggle to make their way in a challenging economy. Others know full well what they want but feel constrained by fear or other factors to move in new directions. Many feel out of alignment with their workplace culture or perceive that they simply don't fit a traditional or linear life path (don't worry, I'm going to help you embrace that as a gift!) By the time people show up to explore coaching, they often feel frustrated, despairing, or self-critical. Coaching supports them in moving through and beyond the painful state of constrained self-expression and towards lives and work that align with their deepest values and dreams.

Other people arrive with goals or questions about their relationships, finances, an area of their physical environment they want to bring into order and beauty, or are struggling to make a pivotal life decision. Elements of our lives are connected, so if we are stuck in one significant area, that often ripples out to impact, well, everything. Some of my clients struggle to feel connected with knowing what they really want, to make decisions or commitments, and to trust themselves in discerning a wise way forward in their current life chapter.

People in the midst of loss or transformation

Sometimes people show up in the wake of endings. A divorce or breakup, a job loss, a move, a death - or a perfect storm of endings, where one missing or moved puzzle piece has thrown many things off kilter. Other times clients have gone through (or are in the midst of) a powerfully transformative experience, and they want support anchoring in who they are now and clarifying what they want next. Perhaps this takes the shape of an unexpected illness or hardship, a new life stage, or parenthood. Such losses and 'game-changer' experiences can shake us to our very core and leave us feeling unfamiliar to ourselves, that we simply are no longer who we were before, and that our needs, priorities, and identities have deeply shifted. 

In our dominant culture, many of us don't have easy access to rituals or rites of passage that can hold and carry us through such significant changes. When we find ourselves in those uncomfortable or disorienting periods - when we or something in our lives is fundamentally changed or outgrown but the next iterations and forms of our lives aren't yet in place - coaching can facilitate reassurance and faith in our process, and provide guidance and helpful tools and maps. We deserve space to honor our letting go journeys, to recognize what's emerging, and to nourish what we long for next - in ourselves and in our lives.

People "Levelling-Up"

People sometimes seek out coaching because they're already on the cusp of experiencing something new in their lives. Maybe you're currently saying yes to a career or leadership opportunity, starting a new project or business, about to transition into parenthood, or deepening commitment to a relationship or home. Whatever the outer manifestation, people in or ready for a 'levelling-up' chapter are stepping up into their power, prosperity, creativity, or lives in unprecedented ways. It may seem counterintuitive but often when we're approaching our personal growth edges - even experiences we've longed for - we may feel wobbly and can benefit from some extra support.

It is at these very times that our self-doubts occasionally rear up, our fears or protective wounded beliefs may surface, or we can feel bumbling and uncertain as we develop budding skills and encounter new challenges. Coaching can help validate how normal discomfort is at such times (completely par for the course!) and remind us to embrace 'beginner's mind' and 'not-knowing.' A coaching relationship can also provide scaffolding as we deepen our courage, develop new skills and mindsets, and practice trust while expanding into our evolving maturity, power, and capacities. It can be invaluable to have a sanctuary where we can celebrate the wins and new delights and hold space for the vulnerabilities, arising questions and explorations - while extending great compassion to ourselves as we go.

For Everyone

Finally, because we're interdependent creatures and live in dynamic systems (ecological, social, political, economic, etc...) our individual lives are embedded in bigger patterns, forces, and currents that expand far beyond our own influence. Whether we are focused on getting unstuck, navigating transformation, or 'levelling-up' in our lives (or any combination, thereof!) coaching conversations may validate the impact of systemic barriers, oppressions, and privileges on our personal experiences. Examining our lives through such a lens can sometimes free us up from limiting narratives we've dug ourselves into. That is, instead of a tendency to put all kinds of blame - or praise - on our individuals merits and shortcomings, we can better acknowledge and skilfully navigate the contexts in which we live.

Whatever your primary area of focus, coaching can help you build or re-build faith in yourself, your resourcefulness and gifts, and your powerful capacity to make skilful decisions, navigate your life, and create positive change.

I am so grateful for your ability to listen so precisely and the magic that you have to somehow always meet me exactly where I am at and help me catapult further.
— Josina Vink, 1:1 Coaching Client

How Does Coaching Work?

I listen deeply, facilitate powerful conversations, and hold faith in clients.

I offer thoughtful questions to evoke client insight and creativity.

I support clients to generate reflective and action-oriented homework between sessions which invite them to practice new ways of being and doing in their lives.

I provide inspiring and practical maps, tools, resources, models, and stories to support client’s next steps.

I bring compassion to each individual’s journey, and honor the courage required to create and navigate change.

I encourage a holistic understanding of each client, and recognize that we are all whole people with minds, bodies, hearts, and spirits/souls.  I work from that belief that we are all inter-connected, while living in particular family and cultural contexts, from diverse social locations.

I respect that clients bring the expertise on their lives and what they want. My role is to partner with them and contribute expertise to facilitate their process and success.

Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than the one with all the facts.
— Albert Einstein

Why Does This Approach Work?

I believe my approach works because I’ve witnessed it so consistently.

The coaching process facilitates clients gaining clarity, awareness, and confidence, and these states of being then quite naturally catalyze effective action- often with greater ease than people anticipate.

Clients report that coaching often yields transformation, deeper self-awareness and more meaningful gains than they hoped for.

My services are unique, customized, and responsive to the individual.

I bring my intuition and respect for the body to the coaching relationship, well aware that we live in a dominant culture that places great value on the intellect. My dance and therapeutic background guides me to honor the body’s wisdom, which can complement the mind's gifts.  I often invite clients to slow down and sense and listen to their bodies in order to better connect with and understand their instincts and inner guidance systems.

During consultation or exploratory sessions, along with assessing relationship fit, I help people determine their readiness. Change, while exciting, requires time, energy, and work.  As such, once we have assessed the scope of the goals and the depth of the issues at hand, I do my best to ensure that a prospective client is aware of what the process ahead may entail.

This work is my passion, and I am honored and privileged to partner with people as they grapple with their challenges and nurture their strengths and capacities.

When I speak to you, I get something very tangible out of our conversations. The feedback you offer in your sessions is very useful. It’s applicable, relevant and helps me move forward and get to the next level. It’s amazing because I don’t often know what the next session will bring, but there is always an incredible realization at the end of each one. The whole process (the multiple sessions in a sequence) amounts to amazing progress that I know I could not have achieved on my own. Reading a self-help book is not the same as speaking with another human being who helps me to figure out what is right for me this very moment.
— Elena W., Marketing Specialist, Toronto

What are the Logistics? What Can You Expect?

  • Please connect with me to explore working together during a free 60-minute consultation.

  • I am currently developing new ways of delivering my services, in both 1:1 and group coaching programs. More details to follow.