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Ready for Change? Clarify What You Really Want and Give Yourself Permission to Go For It!

A Free Webinar for Women*

Are you longing to create change in your life, but something’s holding you back from moving forward?

Perhaps you’re already navigating significant transition and wishing you had your hand more firmly on the rudder of your own ‘ship’ as life tosses its waves and winds your way?

Let’s face it: our lives are often messy and complex. Sometimes we need support to get honest and clear with ourselves about what we really want - and to effectively handle the obstacles currently blocking our way.

In this webinar, I’ll help you:

  • Get clear, energized, and motivated to pursue what you truly yearn for

  • Identify some of the fears, doubts, and (inner & outer) barriers getting in your way - and develop tools to handle them

  • Practice trusting your own instincts, wisdom, and ability to make good decisions

  • Ground yourself in your strengths and see positive possibilities for your next steps


With the supportive presence of a virtual community, I will guide you through simple and powerful exercises to nourish your clarity, confidence, and ability to take inspired action in your life.

Leave with renewed faith in yourself and what’s possible for you, and commitment to your next steps.

*Trans women and non-binary folks most welcome

Want in? Ready to join the party?

[Because I will make this as fun as possible!]