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Community Coaching Circle (Free!)

Join me and a bunch of lovely people to share a community coaching experience.

  • Give your attention to a question, challenge, or decision you’re grappling with

  • Open up to creative and resourceful possibilities - personally or professionally

  • Stay connected with your wisdom, truth, and power during difficult times

  • Feel your hand more firmly on the rudder of the sailboat that is your life (no matter what waves and winds are rocking it)!

Circles are powerful places to listen, learn, and grow together.

For this one, we’ll gather virtually through a Zoom video chat: everyone will have the opportunity to connect with the whole group, grab a ‘coaching hot seat’ with me, and also try a brief partner activity.

Depending on the attendance numbers, not everyone will have a chance to receive 1:1 coaching - but I do trust that you’ll take away fresh insight and inspired intentions.

These are intense times, am I right?!

On top of pushing pause in our busy lives to slow down and connect with ourselves and others - which, in my books, is always a nourishing and valuable thing to do! - it’s my intention to nurture community circles at this particular time in our world.

My commitment is to help us ground and centre in our hearts, gifts, and capacities - to renew ourselves for personal wellbeing and the benefit of the whole.

Our World Needs Imaginal Cells

I am thinking about the chrysalis: how, when a caterpillar is nestled in the cocoon, its body dissolves into utter mush and out of that disintegrated soup, small new imaginal cells begin to emerge. When enough of these cells exist and find each other, they initiate and direct all that mush to transform into a butterfly. Pretty incredible, right?

Well, I intend these circles to be incubating spaces, protective cocoons amidst the intense forces in our lives and world, where we nurture our capacity to be imaginal cells - literally, imagining our way together into creative and life-affirming possibilities on all scales.

Wanna join?