Jen Burkholder,  Communications Consultant , Toronto

Jen Burkholder, Communications Consultant, Toronto


When I first started coaching, I was incredibly unhappy in my day-to-day life and desperately needed a change. I wanted to feel motivated, challenged, and valued in my work. I also needed to balance work with self-care. Since then, I have learned a lot and made many positive changes, including leaving my job, launching my own business, and working on other fun projects. I gained more faith in my skills and abilities, and my actions reflect this. Nicola helped me realize that I did have the courage to cultivate change. Saying that Nicola is a pleasure to work with is an understatement!

Amy Cross, Program Manager,  The Schad Foundation,  Toronto

Amy Cross, Program Manager, The Schad Foundation, Toronto


I know a number of Life Coaches. It is a profession currently seeing growth. Anyone can claim to be a Life Coach after taking a brief course. But not all are suited to guide, lead, and encourage others. Nicola is the only Life Coach I refer anyone to. Nic will be in your corner not only during your sessions, but will forever be your coach. She is a gifted, trained, and qualified professional. If you are reading these testimonials and are not sure... just book a session. Trust me.

Coaching has left me with a wealth of supports to come back to...
— Kim M, Social Justice Sector, Toronto


When I started meeting with you, I felt lost and frustrated with myself. Working with you has helped me to see my life and the world through different eyes, and opened up my heart and mind to new and wider ways of feeling and thinking. Coaching has left me with a wealth of supports to come back and re-visit. Nicola, I think you are doing what you are called to do. Thank you.

Cheryl G, Small Business Owner,  Southwest-Northeast , Toronto

Cheryl G, Small Business Owner, Southwest-Northeast, Toronto


The first time I met Nicola, within seconds I felt at ease. She not only hears you, she reads all your cues to better understand and relate. Nothing feels better than sitting down with someone whose strengths are empathy, resourcefulness and genuine enthusiasm. After a session I feel so attuned to my instincts and potential- it's a powerful and lasting response. I feel incredibly privileged to be designing the life that I want with a coach fully invested in my journey. I can't imagine working with anybody else.

Kym Maclaren, Associate Professor, Toronto

Kym Maclaren, Associate Professor, Toronto



Through coaching, I managed to find the time to set straight some financial matters (which had been languishing for about five years) and completed some home projects that provide more order and beauty to our lives. I have really increased my ability to be calmly, joyfully, compassionately present to my family and friends. I feel more centred in 'real living' rather than feeling like the ghost of who I ought to be. With Nicola's support and presence, I gained a totally new and radically empowering sense of resolve about my life projects.

I definitely got what I came for.
— Elena W, MBA, Marketing Professional, Toronto

I started out feeling quite lost, scared, overwhelmed, stuck, and incapable of making a change or improving my situation. Now things have improved all around and I'm on my way towards achieving my life goals. I feel quite positive, I made a lot of progress, and my husband also notices the changes. I definitely got what I came for: to gain greater peace of mind, to handle my career path and the demands of graduate studies, to find a way to tell my story, to get out of a negative pattern, and to connect well with people. I got all of that. I also got a new outlook on my life, perspective on my story, a way to break my negative thought patterns, some new daily routines I enjoy, and more confidence (especially when talking to others and speaking about myself). I have had a really great experience working with Nicola and I would recommend her to anyone. She has a true gift for helping people.

Diogo Campos, Account Executive, Inside-Sales, FedEx, Montreal

Diogo Campos, Account Executive, Inside-Sales, FedEx, Montreal



At the beginning, I was lost and didn't have a plan to get out of the maze. Now I feel that I know where I'm going and that I have the tools to help me get there. Coaching gave me support, guidance, understanding, and useful resources. I've taken a few very important steps toward career change, financial balance and wellness, and health.

You helped me understand that the emergencies, losses, and difficulties that life brings will affect our plans and progress, but that I can always learn with these curve balls. Your flexibility, honesty, organization, and professionalism made our experience together very valuable.

Charm Torres,  Professional Astrologer , Toronto

Charm Torres, Professional Astrologer, Toronto



My decision to pursue life coaching was one of the most worthwhile and wise decisions I have made to care for myself. Nicola has excellent capacity and skilfulness and held me wherever I needed to be during the coaching process. She brought awareness without judgment, compassion where fitting, and guided my own wisdom to help me transform my pain and turn my inspirations into actual realities. Nicola is a gift and I highly recommend her to anyone who is ready to move forward and live an authentic life full of creativity, compassion, possibilities, and love.

I highly recommend Nicola’s adept life coaching.
— Alison, Communications Leader, Toronto

Nicola was able to help me untangle the cobwebs and confusion I was experiencing to get in touch with my priorities and goals in life to help me make better choices. I was able to move into work that was more motivating and aligned with my values, which has made me more fulfilled. I never felt that Nicola was pushing me in a direction, but rather guiding and helping me to find my own answers about what the notion of success meant to me. I highly recommend Nicola's adept life coaching.

Natalee Burns, Project Coordinator, Real Estate Development,  Babcock Ranch , Florida

Natalee Burns, Project Coordinator, Real Estate Development, Babcock Ranch, Florida


When I started, I felt very 'stuck' and overwhelmed with finding a career. I was very fearful about the future, and in making decisions that would affect my future. I had trouble prioritizing my daily and long-term goals. Now I'm no longer so overwhelmed and my self-doubt has eased up. I have greater peace of mind and a more optimistic view about the future and my career, and I have exercises to help me complete my goals more efficiently and with less procrastination. I make decisions more easily and more effectively. After each session, I felt more energetic, positive, and motivated about my current work and a future career.

Sylvia S, Freelance Writer / Yoga Teacher, London ON

Sylvia S, Freelance Writer / Yoga Teacher, London ON




Dear Nicola- your guidance and suggestions are bang on. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your energy and support. I have really drawn strength from channeling you and your tools this past summer. It was as if you were on my shoulder, urging me to stand up and keep moving, however small the steps might be. I am so grateful. Thanks so much for being there.

If I had a bank account full of money....
— MM, Health Care Professional, Toronto


I so appreciate our time together, and if I had a bank account full of money, I would hire you for the rest of my life.

Cassandra Rizzotto, Co-founder,  Earth + City , Toronto

Cassandra Rizzotto, Co-founder, Earth + City, Toronto

Nicola is an absolute treasure. Over the past many years, I have had the honour of receiving Nicola's extraordinary gift of skilful and compassionate coaching. Her capacity to integrate deep listening and reflection with the co-creation of emerging insights and wisdom is a rare ability. In our sessions together, I experience profound inner shifts and gain practical tools, leaving me stronger and more capable to navigate life's transitions and challenges. What strikes me most about my experience of Nicola is that she exudes a quality of innate coaching that is fluid and instinctual; her orientation towards true empathy, authentic connection, and clarity of thought, feeling, and speech is her natural brilliance. Receiving this genuine orientation in our coaching sessions continues to transform and inspire the flourishing of my life.

Sasha Padron, Founder of  Centre for Growing Families , Trenton Hills & Toronto

Sasha Padron, Founder of Centre for Growing Families, Trenton Hills & Toronto

When I hired Nicola, I was full of vision (surrounded by a million sketches and notes) and completely lacking in structure and a pathway to bring my ideas into form. She was able to meet me exactly where I was and be the bridge from my vision to the form and structure I needed to create the training program I was working on. She has the incredible gift of helping you articulate your vision and goals, of tapping into your unique way of creating and then guiding you on a clear pathway towards what it is you are aiming to create.

Our sessions felt deep, rich, fun, and always succeeded in helping me feel heard, seen, excited about my work, clear about what I needed, clear about what my next step was, motivated, inspired and fully anchored in getting what I wanted to get done, done! Nicola was also masterful at helping me clearly see what was going well, what my creative strengths were, how to harness those strengths and weave them into my creative process. This is a gift that I know I would not have discovered on my own and which completely transformed and accelerated the unfolding of my project. So grateful to you, Nicola! You are fantastic at what you do. The energy and enthusiasm you brought to our sessions was intoxicating and uplifting. I will never hesitate to reach out to you for support and coaching on future projects. Thank you!

I am very grateful for doing this work.
— Daisy T, Toronto

When I started coaching, I was just preparing to leave work that was no longer a good fit for me. Through this process, I have clarified my ideal work environment and conditions and begun to set effective goals that are moving me forward on my career path. I have also learned a lot about my strengths, interests, and I am ready to pursue a career path where I feel I am swimming with the current, instead of constantly trying to swim upstream, often feeling unsatisfied. If I had to think of one mantra that reflects how I hoped coaching would help me, it would be 'positive momentum.' I am very grateful for doing this work, because it definitely got me into that energy, mindset, and productive flow. 

Anna Milner, Public Affairs and Communications Professional, Toronto

Anna Milner, Public Affairs and Communications Professional, Toronto



When I sought out coaching, I was frustrated, tired, stuck and experiencing low energy and motivation. Now I have more energy, I keep a healthier routine that incorporates exercise, I experience less frustration, and I am more motivated and forward thinking. I shifted from a negative and pressured outlook to one that is more positive and energized.