The Straight Up Quiz to Help You Figure Out if Coaching Might Help You:

Part 1: Answer the following questions as honestly as you can 

1. Are you frustrated or dissatisfied with one or multiple area(s) of your life? 

2. Do you feel like you're not living up to your potential or actualizing dreams and desires that matter to you?

3. Have you done some therapy or gained insight into your personal 'baggage' but want more tools to live differently NOW?

4. Are you under-employed or experience that your current work doesn't quite 'fit' who you are or want to be?

5. Do you ever feel despair about the state of the world and want to make a greater impact for positive collective change?

6. Do you sometimes compare yourself to others and judge that you and your life aren't measuring up?

7. Do you ever get down on yourself or lose faith in your strengths, gifts, and abilities?

8. Do you have plenty to be grateful for, but somehow sense that there's still more or something different meant for you?

9. Do you wish you knew what you wanted or had a glimpse of a clear path to follow in your life?

10. Are you afraid that you won't get your crap together in time to achieve or experience meaningful aspirations? 

11. Do you know you've got gifts and talents, but can't seem to direct your life in a way that maximizes them?

12. Does small talk at social gatherings make you self-conscious because you don't feel great about where you're at?

13. Do you struggle to trust yourself to make decisions or get immobilized by longing to make a 'right' choice when facing a crossroads?

14. Are you sick of bracing for the expressed (or thinly-veiled) frustrations or judgments of others who want to see you get 'unstuck'?

15. Do you sometimes fear that you're going to stay stuck or that things are just going to get worse if you can't shift the status quo?

Part 2: If you answered yes to (M)any of the above, Now Ask Yourself

1. Are you ready and motivated to dig in and work at creating meaningful and sustainable change in your life?

2. Are you willing to claim more power in who you are and and take greater responsibility for your life and wellbeing?

3. Are you open to adding tools/knowledge to your 'personal resource kit' - and make sure you're maximizing what you've already got?

4. Are you committed to better understanding the (inner & outer) obstacles holding you back and cultivating courage to move forward?

5. Are you open to taking a risk and connecting with a coach who might support you in your next steps?

6. Are you willing to grow into greater wellbeing, happiness, and prosperity?

7. Are you willing to extend more kindness, care, and encouragement to yourself as you learn and evolve in life?

8. Are you prepared to invest time, money, and energy into creating the changes you want?

Part 3: If you just answered Yes another handful of times

I've been there and made big changes for good. I've helped others move forward. I'd love to explore connecting with you, too.

No judgment, no pressure, no expectations: click the button above and let's chat to see if this approach feels worth investigating further.