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Mindset Check: Expense or Investment?

Mindset Check: Expense or Investment?

I worried. Oh my god, am I throwing money into a vortex? Am I getting caught in fantasies and sucked into programs that aren’t actually going to get me new results? Am I avoiding simply doing the work, endlessly seeking guidance and hand-holding? What’s wrong with me? Am I getting dependant on others when I should be able to buck up and execute on my own?

I won’t pretend I didn’t freak out a bit after I purchased my first coaching program!

That did happen.

But thank god I stayed the course.

Stepping up in this way was a game-changer moment for me: I finally committed my time, my money, and my wholehearted intentionality to the path I had yearned to walk for years: it was a highly meaningful moment of finally going all in on my dream.

What’s the Risk of Sticking with Your Status Quo?

What’s the Risk of Sticking with Your Status Quo?

One time a couple came in for a ‘3-hour power coaching session’ with me - let’s call them Simon and Alethia - and I witnessed them pull off a massive turnaround in record time
When Simon and Alethia showed up to see me they had been dreaming of moving out of a big city and into a smaller, rural setting for no less than five years!

They were worn down by constantly thinking about this goal but never taking action on it - truly tired of having variations on the same conversation for years, feeling immobilized and endlessly ‘ping-ponging’ between wanting to go for their dream but feeling too afraid to do so.

In an intense and lengthy conversation, we covered many bases: we explored each individual’s fears and reservations as well as their hopes and dreams when they contemplated staying in their current home or lifting up their roots and transplanting to a new community. 

The insights we unearthed were important and helpful but I believe the biggest catalyst that enabled this couple find the courage to finally make a decision and commit to it was to take an essential question that they had been pondering for five years and to turn it on its head.

So, what was that question?!