Claiming Your Authority at a Crossroads

Claiming Your Authority at a Crossroads

When you’re at a crossroads and don’t feel clear on which way to go, have you ever found yourself spontaneously requesting advice from others?

Maybe it’s a low-stakes decision: you’re hemming and hawing at the restaurant and ask the serving staff which dish they recommend or survey your friends as to which movie you should check out on the weekend. 

But sometimes, even when the stakes are high and the consequences life altering - 

  • Do I want to stay or go in my marriage?

  • Is it time to let go of this career path and start moving in a new direction?

  • Do I keep hunkering down in the big city or move to a smaller community?

sometimes it’s at these moments you find yourself taking frequent polls of your network to gain insight into what you ‘should’ do.

Invite - Don't Muscle - Your Way to Change

Invite - Don't Muscle - Your Way to Change

Maybe you can relate:

Perhaps your gym routine went off the rails – months ago. 

You were gathering steam with researching a new documentary project and then stalled out. It’s only been a week, but you’ve lost some crucial momentum and it’s hard to get moving again.

Or maybe you’ve been kicking around an idea of something you’d like to implement for a long time but never attempted it, despite sensing it could bring real benefit to your life - like spending less time on Facebook or reading more books again.

When we’re not doing something we believe we ‘should’ be doing, I think we can have a tendency to get self-critical, assessing that our discipline is lacking.

When Pursuing Your Dreams Feels... Awful

When Pursuing Your Dreams Feels... Awful

So often, when we begin to translate our fantasies and longings into reality, we expect that it’s going to feel so dang amazing:

How liberating this experience will be! How Joyful! How Exciting! 

We’ll be so relieved to finally start to creating or exploring The Long-Awaited Thing!

Our minds and hearts will be expanded! 

We’ll surely feel aligned, purposeful, and inspired! 

In short: we’re ready to feel all the good feels we’ve put off for way too long.

The Beauty of Anchors

The Beauty of Anchors

Do you sometimes feel busy, overwhelmed, or scattered?

Could your time and attention could be better aligned with your priorities?

If you’re thinking, “Hell, what even ARE my priorities?!,” you’re not alone! Please read on. ;) 

Have some of the habits that serve you well fallen to the wayside?

Or, let’s face it, maybe they’ve never been established in the first place?! ;)

Are you ready to feel more centred and ‘in charge’ of your day-to-day life?

It might be time for you to create some anchors.

What Problems do You Want?

What Problems do You Want?

Do you fantasize about life without your current problems and imagine how great things could be once you’ve got solutions for the stuff that’s stressing you out or getting you down? 

I’m so sick of this job: I can’t wait until I’m in my ‘dream’ career path!

It’s gonna be awesome to get out of this depleting marriage and be with a compatible partner.

Everything will be easier once I’m out of debt and earning more.

Most of us dream and project ourselves into fantasy futures where things are and feel better - and sometimes, when conditions shift, life really does feel easier or more pleasurable.