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Invite - Don't Muscle - Your Way to Change

Invite - Don't Muscle - Your Way to Change

Maybe you can relate:

Perhaps your gym routine went off the rails – months ago. 

You were gathering steam with researching a new documentary project and then stalled out. It’s only been a week, but you’ve lost some crucial momentum and it’s hard to get moving again.

Or maybe you’ve been kicking around an idea of something you’d like to implement for a long time but never attempted it, despite sensing it could bring real benefit to your life - like spending less time on Facebook or reading more books again.

When we’re not doing something we believe we ‘should’ be doing, I think we can have a tendency to get self-critical, assessing that our discipline is lacking.

When Pursuing Your Dreams Feels... Awful

When Pursuing Your Dreams Feels... Awful

So often, when we begin to translate our fantasies and longings into reality, we expect that it’s going to feel so dang amazing:

How liberating this experience will be! How Joyful! How Exciting! 

We’ll be so relieved to finally start to creating or exploring The Long-Awaited Thing!

Our minds and hearts will be expanded! 

We’ll surely feel aligned, purposeful, and inspired! 

In short: we’re ready to feel all the good feels we’ve put off for way too long.

Is it Time to Up the Ante?

Is it Time to Up the Ante?

Do you have an important goal, project or task that you keep putting off, avoiding, or that just mysteriously 'never happens?'

Maybe your taxes are backlogged.

Perhaps you’ve been meaning to declutter your closet for ages.

Do you have a creative dream that you haven’t honored with a shred of committed action or a gym outfit and runners that have gone unworn for months, despite all your best intentions?

I feel you!