Is it Time to Up the Ante?

Is it time to up the ante?.png

Do you have an important goal, project or task that you keep putting off, avoiding, or that just mysteriously 'never happens?'

Maybe your taxes are backlogged.

Perhaps you’ve been meaning to declutter your closet for ages.

Do you have a creative dream that you haven’t honored with a shred of committed action or a gym outfit and runners that have gone unworn for months, despite all your best intentions?

I feel you!

For YEARS I knew that I wanted to develop a blog and email list to nurture my writing practice and keep in touch with my coaching community, but I hadn't done it.

And sure, in the last five years, I have birthed two humans and life has been, well, a bit on the busy side - but you know what? I resonate with (online guru) Marie Forleo’s little mantra:

If it’s important to you, you’ll make the time. If not, you’ll make excuses.”

So, do you really want to get something done or create and bring something new to life?

Are you prepared to make this thing a priority and you’re for reals?

Ok, then, here's my encouragement (and I'm walking my talk!):

Up the ante.

Get some skin in the game.


I’m encouraging you to invest your time or money into a structure or commitment that will help you MAKE. IT. HAPPEN.

For me, that's meant hiring a virtual assistant (VA) who's going to help me with all the blog and newsletter technical stuff.

And you know what? It’s working! :)

I’m putting my money where my mouth is.

I’m committed.

You’re reading my blog. It exists. (#MindBlown)

In the past, I spent hours drafting elaborate content calendars. I jotted down a bajillion fantastic blog ideas. I pasted literally hundreds of self-imposed deadlines on sticky notes into my agenda.

Most embarrassingly, for about two years, on my website, I invited people to join my newsletter - but like an elusive oasis, it never came into existence. People signed up and then promptly never heard from me again. I felt out of integrity and totally sheepish, like the coach who ‘cried newsletter.’

And you know how many blogs got written and published with these attempts and strategies?

Not one.


Now that I’ve hired Brooke (she’s amazing if you’re seeking a VA, btw!), no matter how much fear, perfectionism, or procrastination might arise in me, and no matter what excuses my clever little brain generates, I’m gonna write blogs.

I’m paying someone. I have real deadlines: the kind where someone else is counting on my punctuality and follow through. I opened Mailchimp, started the email list and promised people that they will be hearing from me.

It’s on and it’s happening.

So, what’s it going to look like for you?

Will you book an appointment with a tax accountant?

Make a date with a friend and tackle those tired sweaters and wrong-size jeans and make a list of new clothes you need together, bolstered by coffee, chocolate, and good tunes?

Hire a personal trainer or become a member of a committed running group?

Sign up for a painting class or invest in a writing coach?

Whatever incomplete or not-yet-started endeavor you want to slay, you can DO this.

Give yourself a nudge. Up the ante.

Imagine how effing good it's going to feel to accomplish this thing!

Choose one step now. Level up.


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P.S. I’d love to hear what you’ll do to up the ante to turn one of your dreams into reality... how you could take one tiny step in a committed direction. Please share in the comments below!


Nicola Holmes is a Life Coach who works with individuals and facilitates “The Expansion Circle,” a transformative group program for women. Nicola helps people who are feeling stuck or struggling to realize their goals; overwhelmed by life change; or determined to ‘level up’ & turn their dreams into reality. She’s also mama to two young and spirited kids, community-minded, a CBC-lover, voracious reader, and is currently obsessed with podcasts! Join Nicola’s Facebook community or join the email party to access inspiration and resources to fuel the changes you yearn for.