The Beauty of Anchors

The Beauty of Anchors

Do you sometimes feel busy, overwhelmed, or scattered?

Could your time and attention could be better aligned with your priorities?

If you’re thinking, “Hell, what even ARE my priorities?!,” you’re not alone! Please read on. ;) 

Have some of the habits that serve you well fallen to the wayside?

Or, let’s face it, maybe they’ve never been established in the first place?! ;)

Are you ready to feel more centred and ‘in charge’ of your day-to-day life?

It might be time for you to create some anchors.

What Problems do you Want?

What Problems do you Want?

Do you fantasize about life without your current problems and imagine how great things could be once you’ve got solutions for the stuff that’s stressing you out or getting you down? 

I’m so sick of this job: I can’t wait until I’m in my ‘dream’ career path!

It’s gonna be awesome to get out of this depleting marriage and be with a compatible partner.

Everything will be easier once I’m out of debt and earning more.

Most of us dream and project ourselves into fantasy futures where things are and feel better - and sometimes, when conditions shift, life really does feel easier or more pleasurable. 

Connecting with Your Inner Wisdom in the Din of Daily Life

Connecting with Your Inner Wisdom in the Din of Daily Life

How do you connect with your inner wisdom during the din of daily life?

Coaching clients often show up feeling disconnected from themselves, in subtle or significant ways. One woman explained, “I know this may sound weird, but I feel out of touch with myself.”

Other people comment, “things are ok, good even… but something’s not quite right in my (life/marriage/job/home/etc…), and I want to figure out what that is.”