The Expansion Circle: Group Coaching Program

Six Months of Heart-Centred Community, Support, and Guidance for Women* Ready for Change

* People who identify as female or non-binary all welcome!

* People who identify as female or non-binary all welcome!

Does this resonate?

There must be more for me than this: I’m longing to get moving, play bigger, and experience more joy.

I’m done with letting fear, excuses, and challenges hold me back from creating the changes I want.

Things are good, mheh, exhausting, or even kind of crap right now - and I’m determined to level-up.

I’m concerned about our world: it’s time to contribute my gifts, voice, and influence in new ways.

Perhaps you’re experiencing:

A desire to create small, deep, yet significant moves in your life, like taking greater charge of your finances, time, or health.

Readiness to release a pattern that’s holding you back - and it’s not therapy but strategy, support, and accountability that you need.

Leadership fatigue: you want someone else to have your back and offer you sustained support and guidance as you move forward.

A gnawing dissatisfaction with the status quo but you’re not even quite sure what you need or want. (The Expansion Circle will support your clarity on moving forward in ways that feel better. Read on!)

You’re not alone. Many women long to connect with fresh possibilities.

Possibilities like:

  • Feeling more connected to yourself: more at home, more aligned, more rested and vital in your own life

  • Focusing on what’s most important: setting crucial boundaries and better honoring your time, attention, and energy

  • Not letting fear run the show - and inviting inner wisdom and bravery to increasingly guide your way

  • Making more money and/or claiming and expressing more of your creativity and power

  • Trusting yourself to make wise decisions - including the big, risky, soul-directed ones, like initiating a career transition, starting/ending a marriage, or moving to a new community - and to handle your new realities when you take courageous action

  • Connecting with circles of wise, uplifting women to nourish change in each other and our world

Your state of being matters. Your yearnings matter. YOU matter - and you deserve to thrive.

All of nature is forever moving, growing, changing, reproducing, evolving... even the damn Universe is expanding. Likewise, you are not meant to just survive, to stay stagnant, to settle: you are meant to keep growing and thrive.
— Jen Sincero, Author and Coach

If this is a life chapter where you want to invest in yourself, get unstuck, level-up, journey wisely through great swaths of change, tap into greater wellbeing, achieve things that you keep telling yourself are out of reach, or just stop carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders by yourself and access support and guidance for all you’re navigating - then you’re in the right place: the Expansion Circle Program is designed to help you do all or any of that.

You don’t have to go it alone! Wise, encouraging companions will hold faith in you - and you will do the same for other courageous women in circle.

You don’t have to go it alone! Wise, encouraging companions will hold faith in you - and you will do the same for other courageous women in circle.

This journey will:

Get you making headway on your inspired (and in some cases, long-awaiting) goals, dreams, and projects.

Give you resources, tools, and actionable prompts to keep your momentum and motivation topped up - especially for those moments you feel overwhelmed, discouraged, or tempted to give up on yourself and the future you want.

Offer you access to an experienced coach when you need a deep listener, a powerful cheerleader, a strategic thought-partner, or a compassionate mirror (so you can get grounded in your own wisdom and not be so darn hard on yourself all the time!).

Provide you an in-depth, holistic and effective approach to cultivating transformation in your life. This program aims to be long enough to carry you through the ups and downs of nurturing sustainable change - but not so long that you lose focus and momentum.

Witness you: taking baby steps, big leaps, two steps back; surrendering to pause and freak out; and celebrating with you during your dancing-whoop-and-holler moments when you achieve (big and small!) successes and milestones on your terms.

Support you showing up and feeling fully welcome in our group: your fears, resistance, doubt, and fatigue, as well as your confidence, gifts, superpowers, ambition, and wise instincts. I mean it: your whole self, especially the messy bits that we attempt to shove down or hide. Because courageously creating change? It’s not just a cerebral exercise, and it will touch emotional terrain.

Nurture a unique community that amplifies growth for each participant. Because there’s something to be said for welcoming in a whole new group of people who see you with fresh eyes, who wholeheartedly encourage you to shed old identities, habits, or realities that you’re ready to to let go of AND cheer you on in claiming and creating new possibilities - in a way that people more intimately rooted in your daily realities and history simply can’t.

By the end of the program, you’ll leave with:

  • Greater clarity, confidence, and joy

  • Progress under your belt with doing more of the things you dream of and less of the stuff you don’t want in your life

  • Pride in what you’ve achieved and experienced, and strategy for your next steps

  • Practice making big and small decisions with more faith in yourself and your capacities

  • Nourishment from having carved out steady, consistent space to listen to your inner wisdom

  • New habits that ‘up your game’ and keep you energized, motivated, and focused on what’s important to you

  • The richness and (wonderfully unpredictable!) blessings of co-creating an intimate, authentic circle of support

When we create change  together , we amplify and accelerate our individual results… and it’s more FUN doing it in supportive community. :)

When we create change together, we amplify and accelerate our individual results… and it’s more FUN doing it in supportive community. :)

The Expansion Circle is a great fit for you if:

  • You’re committed to creating change in your life, and ready to invest your time, money, and energy to make it happen

  • You enjoy group experiences and will bring your positivity and A-game to this community of change-makers

  • You want a potent blend of reflection and action-oriented homework to fuel your transformative steps and personal growth

  • You resonate with a holistic approach to change: one that acknowledges that we are emotional, cognitive, physical, and spiritual beings living in social and political contexts - and the idea of a diverse group of women, navigating different edges and goals

  • You anticipate that The Expansion Circle experience is going to be amazing and you envision yourself fully in for six months - consistently showing up for what you want to create in your life AND for the benefit of the group

the program likely won’t be your jam if:

  • You don’t like groups, meetings, or lengthy conversations/intimate connection

  • You’re not truly interested in focusing on and learning from others at the moment: you want predominantly 1:1 attention right now

  • You want a group that’s super-niched (only women growing their businesses or only those going through a divorce, etc…)

  • Personal growth, spirituality, self-help, and/or critical social consciousness are not your thing

  • You’re not prepared to navigate emotions (your own or others) - because all the feels may arise for us, and I want everyone to know they can fully show up in the moments they feel ‘most big’ and ‘most small’

What You’ll Get in the Program:

  • Virtual Intimate Groups Sessions (6 participants maximum / Next Circle starts in November 2019)

  • Two 1:1 Private Coaching Sessions (for an extra dose of focused personal attention)

  • A BONUS 1:1 Strategy Session with me to kick off your program

  • Access to a private Facebook Group

  • Access to a Resource Library

  • Loads of Additional Materials: videos, worksheets, and actionable materials to nourish your momentum and add to your toolkit

Happy Woman.jpg

What does expansion mean to YOU?

TRUST that you know the steps you need to take. Let’s get you taking them.

About Your Guide: Nicola Holmes


I cherish relationships and love leading The Expansion Circle.

During two decades in non-profit work, I facilitated hundreds of groups: adolescents navigating grief using expressive-arts therapy modalities, adults cultivating embodiment and connection through dance (I am a master-certified “Kripalu Let Your Yoga Dance" instructor); women and children impacted by abuse, striving to re-build their lives and enhance resiliency and joy; people seeking stress-reduction; and young adults building leadership, relational, and critical consciousness capacities.

During my graduate studies in Adult Education & Community Development, I further developed my facilitation skills - and additionally trained in programs to build capacity to navigate equity, diversity, and oppression in group process.

I have also learned through being a group member. I lived in ‘Intentional Community’ homes for over a decade and grew so much through (joyfully!) living with diverse adults. I volunteered in places like Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival and Earthdance, was an active member in Mindfulness Practice Community of Toronto Sangha and community dance events for years, and have participated in many of Sasha Padron’s “Mother’s Circles.”

I now integrate my 1:1 Coach, Adult Educator, and Group Process ‘toolkits' to facilitate women creating the lives they want in The Expansion Circle. Truly remarkable things happen when people feel less alone, tap into personal power, collective wisdom, and mobilize change together.


$1990 + HST: $400 deposit to secure your spot + $265 monthly (x 6) payments during the program

Early Bird Bonus: Sign up by Friday, October 25th, and you’ll receive two extra 1:1 Coaching Sessions

Please Note:

  • If you want more 1:1 Coaching Sessions than offered in the outlined package above, click on button below and let me know!

  • If this investment is out of your reach, you can apply for an equity-oriented, half-price scholarship.

We can’t become ourselves, by ourselves.
— Claire Zammit

last call: Listen up, please!

Whether you’re on the cusp of transformation OR already in the wake of change that is rocking your world OR experiencing stagnancy that is driving you bananas, YOU ARE WELCOME HERE.

If you want to embrace or create change, you’re committed to making good things happen in your life and our world AND you want to amplify the fun, momentum, and faith in your journey with an awesome group, YOU ARE WELCOME HERE.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been dreading, avoiding, or dreaming of this change for months or years. It doesn’t matter if you’ve tried to make it happen in the past and failed. It doesn’t matter if you’re just beginning to dare to dream up possibilities that terrify and excite you in equal measure. If you feel called to be part of this to support your growth and expansion, YOU ARE WELCOME HERE.

Let’s get you dreaming big, strategizing smart - and taking wholehearted action.

Please hit button above to apply, connect, or learn more!

Please hit button above to apply, connect, or learn more!

Dare to nurture new growth. You can DO THIS.

Dare to nurture new growth. You can DO THIS.

The power of circle…

The power of circle…

Want to hear what Past Expansion circle participants have to say?

Anna’s Story:

Anna May Henry / Artist & Illustrator /

Anna May Henry / Artist & Illustrator /

When I started the Expansion Circle I was feeling really strapped for cash and overwhelmed by the options in front of me: knowing I wanted a life in the arts, but not knowing HOW to create that life. I now feel an enormous sense of clarity and purpose with specific goals in mind. 

Something the group has done for me is really let me acknowledge/celebrate my wins, which is huge. Showing up and being a part of the group is an amazing tool in and of itself: this act encourages me to show up for MYSELF, and keeps me going and focused on my goals.

I am now genuinely believing in the possibility of my dreams becoming reality (some that I used to hold as truly impossible!), and experiencing growth in my creative vocation: financially and otherwise.

Through this process, I am also better at drawing on inner strength/guidance to pull me out of negative spaces: “the pit” as I have been known to call it. I think I could leverage this to not just pull me out of “the pit” but to accelerate me into even higher states of being/functioning. Because of the clarity I’ve found, I feel more connected to my intuition - and hope to trust it even more.

I find that the group setting is a really great way to check in a track progress with support, encouragement, and without feeling pressure to be anything other than who I am in that moment. Leaving each session with some kind of tool or exercise “homework” has been great! Nicola, I love it in our sessions how you condense and clarify and summarize where each of us is at and repeat it back to us. I find it such a valuable tool. Odd how sometimes you can’t even tell what’s going on in your life/mind until someone tells you! Thank you.

Cheryl’s Kind Words:

Cheryl G. / Business Owner:  Southwest-Northeast  / Toronto

Cheryl G. / Business Owner: Southwest-Northeast / Toronto

When I started the Expansion Circle, I was feeling pretty overwhelmed with the amount of change in my life. I was already doing therapy and meditation to get through the harder personal stuff, but I was putting off business decisions. Now I feel that I’ve become more excited and empowered to take action on my future. I love feeling part of a group going through change and meeting regularly to name what we want to work on and improve.

 I feel like I not only invested in a coach wisely, but also in a support system, there to witness and offer feedback on my tough stuff, successes, and commitments!

Tu’s Kind Words:

Tu Luu, High School Teacher

Tu Luu, High School Teacher

“Thank you for being there for me through some difficulties in these past few months. In reaching out to a circle of companions, I found faith and trust in myself that I wasn’t expecting. When it mattered most, I found guidance from a compassionate voice that supported me. I felt connection to a belief in personal strength and resilience, and to hopes for success and happiness and a sense that what I really long for is within reach....

 As I talk to you all in Circle and participate in an engagement with yourselves and my own intimate self, the honesty and acceptance practiced while in a Circle is so nourishing.  Thank you all for giving space, for trusting and sharing your stories, and thank you for providing space for me to share my stories in an honest voice. Thank you for the support.”

Katy’s Experience:

Katy W. / High School Teacher

Katy W. / High School Teacher

When I started the Expansion Circle, I was searching for an alternative community with women who were in a similar situation to me, and who could come together to think about and learn how we could move from our current situations into the future with greater clarity. As a teacher, I found myself facing a lot of challenges; however, over time and with lots of discussion and reflection, I feel like I gained that greater clarity in how to manage different relationships and situations.

I am experiencing a greater sense of understanding and connection in my life with the support of the Expansion Circle. I’m also getting some good resources and frameworks for thinking that work for me, and am getting to know new people and enjoy working with others in the group, especially offering and receiving questions and support. I’m motivated to read, listen, and deconstruct more about issues and challenges I am facing, and I am getting acknowledgment that I’m not alone and that there is a pathway forward. I have most appreciated the new tools, resources, and creative thinking we have engaged - individually and collectively - as they are relevant, creative and thought-provoking.

I have begun to take more ownership of my health: eating better, cooking more, and paying attention to what I eat. I feel empowered to use my voice, ask bigger questions, and to seek connection with those who affirm me in all areas of my life and to shift my energy away from relationships that are not doing this. I have created multiple opportunities for teaching and learning for my students and other teachers, and have survived a challenging transition to teaching new courses and new environments: I am finding joy and connection in that.

I am very thankful for the things I have learned about myself and from you and from our circle these past few months and I am grateful for the empathy, kindness and good counsel that you share with me and our group. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and for your understanding and kindness!