Nicola Holmes Life CoachDo you want to feel more connected to yourself and what’s important to you?

Are you longing for some support and guidance in the midst of transition?

Do you feel stuck or unclear about bridging where you are with where you want to be?

My coaching services can help you. I partner with people as they cultivate meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Sometimes the process involves tweaking minor areas of dissatisfaction. At other times, people use coaching for support as they navigate pivotal career, relationship, and life transitions or significant transformation.

Change is predictably challenging and uncertain. Coaching can provide companionship and tools to inspire faith and courage.

Whatever the scope of your journey ahead (and you may not know exactly what that is yet!), a coaching relationship can support you to clarify what you really want and to develop strategies and confidence to move in inspired directions. Through powerful conversations, you can tap more deeply into your wisdom, strengths, and open up new possibilities for yourself.

People typically initiate coaching because they feel muddled, stagnant, discouraged, or despairing.  They complete coaching equipped with awareness and resources that enhance joy, authenticity and empowerment.

We’re living in incredibly fluid and rapidly shifting environmental, social, economic, and political times. Given this context, I increasingly nurture people’s skillfulness, adaptability, and resiliency. I embrace innovative and mindful approaches to life that enhance our individual human strengths and capacities and our collective ability to nurture life-affirming conditions for the planet and all its beings.

I am honored to work with people as they courageously navigate change and growth.

I look forward to connecting with you and wish you the best.

Warmly, Nicola

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